3 Guidelines to Help You Pick the Perfect Hydroponics Equipment

18 August 2020
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When done right, agriculture is one of the most productive economic activities that you can engage in. Some of the common challenges which complicate the process of farming include the presence of pathogens in the soil and poor soil structure and nutrient content.

Fortunately, farming techniques such as hydroponics eliminate the need for soil as an agricultural medium and replace it with water. Weeds, pests, and other micro-organisms that might be harmful to the plants are eliminated, which helps the plants to thrive. A wide variety of plants can be grown using hydroponics. 

Here are three guidelines to help you get the right equipment if you are starting a hydroponics farm.

Plan the Design of the Farm Beforehand

The primary thing that you need to start hydroponics is a water reservoir. This means that the first set of tools and appliances should be those that help you create a stable water reservoir. 

Ask the supplier whether they have a water reservoir in the dimensions of the farm that you want to put in place. Make sure the reservoir can hold the weight of the water, and the increasing mass of the plants when they start to grow. 

Plan How You Will Aerate the Water

When it comes to plant growth and development, oxygen is crucial. The most common way to aerate a hydroponic system is the air stone and pump method. The air stone resembles the bubbler, which is often used in aquariums. 

Ask the equipment supplier for the air stone and pump size that will work best for your needs. Have it placed in the water, and give it a test run to make sure that it is working properly. A good pump blows in tiny air bubbles through the stone, and the oxygen is distributed throughout the water.

Consider Your Source of Light

If you are planning to use natural light for the farming process, you will have little to worry about during this step. On the other hand, if you are planning to use an artificial source of light, you will have to place a light fixture above the tray.

The most common types of lighting fixtures used are incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Each of them has a recommended height that they should be placed above the plants for optimal effectiveness.

Take time and consult with a professional in hydroponic supplies before you make any purchases. They will guide you and make sure you set up an effective farm.