Three Power Equipment Options to Upgrade Your Tiny Home

24 July 2017
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Tiny home project blueprints generally stick to the basic design of the home, leaving any design upgrades and options to the builder. Since a tiny home is primarily a do it yourself project, these means that you are only limited by your imagination and the equipment you can either use or order. One thing you may not think of when you begin looking at upgrade options for your tiny home is power equipment. The truth is, there are several ways that power equipment can help you upgrade your home and give you even more from your small space.

Power Switch Options

Some tiny home owners like to utilize both an electric and a solar option for power. This could be for several reasons, including switching the power supply to solar during hotter more sun filled months and back to electric during colder weather where sun cover may not be as prevalent. Though most solar power kits do have a switching option, they are often not as compact or enclosed as a professional power equipment option may be from a power equipment manufacturer. With a professional option, you can have a power switch that is well hidden in the tiny home, enclosed to protect from weather conditions such as heavy humidity, and easy to reach and use to make the quick switch between your power supply options.

Power Lifts and Gears

You may be wondering how a power lift would be useful in your tiny home. Some tiny home builders and enthusiasts are finding that a well placed power lift can give them more space in their home. For example, you can have a power lift installed as a moveable loft option. What this means is that you can lower or raise the bed as well as create a small space that can be converted under the bed to make a more spacious sleeping area rather than a simple cramped loft. Power lifts can also be used for stairways, retractable awnings, and other similar options.

Revolving Gears

When you think of revolving gears, you may not immediately think of a tiny home. The truth is enclosed revolving gear power equipment can be very useful by helping you turn one space into a multitasking area. For example, you can utilize the space under your cabinet for several storage walls that can be moved on a revolving gear system. By pushing a button, you can move one storage wall out of the way and move another wall into its place. This gives you several walls of storage in one small cabinet that are easy to access rather than utilizing the cabinet for only a few small items. This is an ideal option for pantries.

By keeping these options in mind, you can either utilize them in your space or you can expand on the ideas here and come up with ideas of your own. If you are ready to move forward, consider contacting a power equipment dealer and discussing which options they have that will help you in your tiny home upgrade endeavor.