Reasons Why You Should Use Carbonless Books in Your Business

28 October 2019
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What materials do you use to make invoices for your business? If you still use carbon paper, there are valid reasons as to why you should consider the carbonless option. Carbonless paper is used to create duplicate forms of receipt books, invoice books, invoices, and other essential receipts for the business.  Carbonless books are alternatives to conventional carbon papers. They are environmentally friendly and possess other benefits that make them better than the carbon forms. Read More 

3 Ways Point-of-Sale Systems can Improve Your Business Operations

6 December 2018
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The modern point-of-sale (POS) system does much more than just process transactions. If you use its capabilities fully, you can harvest vital data to improve your business processes and therefore service delivery. This article highlights three ways you can use your POS system apart from transaction processing. 1. Inventory control Your POS system can be your best inventory management resource. During transaction processing, items sold are deducted in real-time, so that at any point you know exactly what's in your stores. Read More