Tips to Ensure Effective Cleaning of Line Marking Machines

7 July 2017
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If you are a line marking contractor, keeping your line marking equipment in good working shape is critical to attaining good project results. One of the critical maintenance tasks that has to be performed upon completion of every job is proper cleaning of the equipment. Proper cleaning of line markers is critical to ensuring that the equipment is ready to use for the next job, and it also helps increase equipment lifespan. If you want to know how you can go about the job, you should continue reading.

Select the right cleaning products

To clean out residual paint from your line markers, you will need to use the right cleaning supplies. Manufacturers of line marking equipment often recommend what type of cleaners you should use to get rid of the paint. The choice of cleaning products varies depending on the type of paint used for each application. For example, you may effectively clean out latex-based paints from your machines with tepid, soapy water, but may need to use paint thinner to remove oil-based paints from the machines. Be sure to use sufficient quantities of the required cleaning products to ensure optimal cleaning results.

Clean the equipment

As long as you are conversant with how to operate line marking machines, you shouldn't have a hard time doing the cleaning job. Line markers can be cleaned exactly the same way paint is applied. You prepare the cleaning solution, pour it in the paint storage tank and flush out the fluid through the hose assembly, spray gun(s), and nozzle tip(s). You basically have to repeat the process until the colour of the residual paint thins out completely and the water and cleaning solvent coming out looks clear. Do not drain the fluid coming out of your equipment directly onto the ground; instead, you should collect the solution in a bucket or a large container.

With these tips, you can effectively clean your line marking machines and keep them in good working order for future jobs. Before getting started with the cleaning job, however, it is wise to read through your line marker model owner's manual to check if there are specific cleaning instructions that you are supposed to follow. Proper cleaning of the equipment can go a long way in ensuring that you provide your clients with satisfactory results. For more information on line marking machines, contact a company like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd.